effective, sustainable change & development for yourself, your staff and your organisation

THE PHOENIX PARTNERSHIP is a ‘Creative Change Management Consultancy Organisation’.
Since we were established in 1990, we have worked with over 190 organisations within the ‘social economy’ (voluntary, statutory & non profit sectors) and the commercial sector.

We work in partnership with organisations and individuals, seeking through dialogue to identify exact needs and tailor responses to suit those needs in terms of bespoke services. Examples of our services are outlined on this Website.

We support creativity and change in both individuals & organisations, through four distinct areas of service delivery:

mission statement & value base

The Phoenix Partnership delivers high quality effective consultancy, training & development services to individuals and organisations within the social economy and wider fields. The Partnership promotes the principles of a ‘learning organisation’ and 'working at relational depth' with a quality of 'presence', to co-create desired outcomes. We seek in our work to bring a greater depth to the understanding of individual & organisational change processes, both for our clients and for our own staff.

As a humanistic and pluralistic organisation:

  • We deliver ethical, effective and professional services
  • We welcome creative exchange and dialogue with our clients and seek to work with them in a co-operative and collaborative spirit of partnership
  • We offer both support & challenge to our clients based on clear & negotiated contracts
  • We are open, congruent, creative and responsive in our dealings with all individuals & organisations and in developing our own organisation & staff

'strengths-based approaches' to individual, team and organisational development

The Phoenix Partnership has developed a range of strengths-based approaches to Individual, Team and Organisational Development. We are continually inspired by the 'strengths-based approach' advocated by writer Tom Rath ('Strengths-Finder 2.0', 2004) & others, and the developing field of 'positive psychology'.

Drawing on our 20 years plus experience of applying the values of Humanistic Psychology in our work, we are seeking to encourage our Clients to explore the benefits of: identifying their 'talent profile'; integrate learning through self reflection; and consciously change their approach and behaviour by choosing to use their identified talents to learn and work more effectively - as individuals, as teams and as organisations.... turning their talents into fully understood and consciously applied strengths.

Combining the above approaches with carefully integrated coaching inputs, we are able to help Clients 'live the experience' of positive change, fully understand its potential and consolidate it in their daily working lives. We offer the opportunity to our Clients to engage in creative dialogue, to enhance and deepen their learning and development experiences.